Unusual Conjoined Twins You Won't Believe Exist.

 You think two-headed humans only exist in movies, don't you? You might have heard about one or two cases of people with two heads in real life as well wondering how is this even possible.  Don't worry we've got you covered because today we'll take a look it two-headed humans you won't believe exist.  Make sure to stick around to the end of the article and check out our number one pick because that girl will definitely make you rub your eyes and disbelief.

Unusual Conjoined Twins, You Won't Believe Exist
1. Abby and Brittany Hensel:
Abby and Brittany were born with just one body between them.  Let's start with Abby and Brittany Hensel probably the most famous conjoined twins in the world born on March 7th, 1990 in the Minnesota United States. These girls made headlines when they were just six years old and they were guests on The Oprah Show.  They have two heads and one torso which is pretty rare in the conjoined twin community.  Abby and Brittany also have two sets of organs above the waist.  They each have their own heart set of lungs and there own stomach but share reproductive organs. They also had to learn how to agree with each other on daily routines. Can you imagine doing things next to your sibling over and over again?  Yeah, it was pretty hard for Abby and Brittany too at first but eventually, they came to understand each other and learn how to coordinate their movements. Abby controls the right side and Brittany the left one. In fact, they've learned such a level of cooperation that they even learned how to drive a car.  Wow!  impressive the girls got their own TV special called joined for life and eventually got their own television show on TLC called simply Abby and Brittany.
2. Tatiana and Crista Hogan:
Oh, they're happy all the time they are true medical wonders.
Tatiana and Christa Hogan from Vancouver.  British Columbia is joined cranial pages twins meaning that they are joined at the top back and sides of their heads their odds of surviving coming into this world weren't promising.  In fact, they were given only a 20% chance of survival at birth but the vigorous sisters managed to beat the odds.  Tatiana is smaller than her sister and her head was working overtime to supply blood to Cristiana’s brain. Surgery was required to relieve the burden on Tatyana since this situation was causing her to have high blood pressure because their brains are conjoined.  As well each twin can actually see through her sister's eyes seriously how cool is that.
3.Two-Headed Baby:
In 2011 a set of conjoined girls with two distinct functioning heads and one body were born in a hospital in Southwest China.  The twins also have two arms two legs two spines and share other organs. How fascinating is that they are united by their thorax which excludes any possibility of separation both heads seemed to be functioning fine since both babies were heard crying like regular babies. Usually, conjoined twins are attached by another part of the body making this an extremely rare case interestingly the parents of the pair didn't know about the abnormality until two days before the birth. Ultrasound scans failed to reveal the two heads because the technicians were viewing the single embryo in profile.
4.Shivanath and Shivraj Shahu.
Shivanath and Shivraj Shahu suffer from one of the world's rarest medical conditions twelve-year-old conjoined twins from India who are joined at the waist with each boy controlling two arms and a single leg. The boys are quite a sensation in their village some villagers even go as far as to worship them as they believe the boys are divine incarnations.  Yes, people actually believe that I am not kidding.  Doctors think that they could be successfully separated but the boys flat out refuse to even consider it when getting ready in the morning they help each other out by brushing each other’s hair and helping the other tidy up. They even ride to school and especially made tricycles while one twin winds the pedal other steers. Wow, incredible in addition to the emotional impact of being separated it would be physically harder for shivnanth would be able to retain both legs and live a normal life while Shivraj would be left with no legs and would likely require full-time care.
5.Two-Face Baby:
We've seen some pretty unique children on this list but this one takes the cake.  I mean come on it's a baby with two faces you don't see that every day but you just have to wonder if this baby even real. Well if you think this baby isn't real you are right yep turns out two-headed baby isn't a baby at all it's actually a reborn doll a handmade artwork created with the intention of the dolls buying them as collectible art. These dolls are also used as vehicles for therapy comforting those who've lost children and bringing joy to the elderly. This doll in particular is the work of Stephanie Ortiz a known artist a collector from California. Wow well done Stephanie.
6.Tre Johnson:
If somebody wants to beat your friend what should they do? They should come up and tell him,  Hello this cheerful young fellow named “Tre” suffers from an extremely rare congenital disorder whereby parts of all of the face are duplicated. Literally means two phases in Greek the condition is also known by its other named craniofacial duplication. So what happens is in the first few weeks of gestation while the embryo is developing there's an extra protein known as the sonic the Hedgehog or SHH protein. This causes a genetic mutation and causes duplication of the cranial facial and neurological features.  Tre Johnson was born with a large cleft two separate nostrils an abnormally shaped head cognitive delays and suffer seizures.  Doctors told his parents Brandy and Joshua that their son was unlikely to survive at almost every stage of his life but Tre keeps proving the doctors wrong. Tre may look different on the outside but he still likes to make friends just like most people.
7.Baby in Indonesia:
Unlike the previous two-faced baby on our list. This one is very much real this baby named Galanga Anika from the city of Baton in Indonesia was born with two faces two brains but just one body. Doctors failed to detect the deformity and ultrasound scans and the boy's mother didn't feel anything unusual during pregnancy.  Although he has just one body with two arms and two legs your lung is technically a conjoined twin on his head.  He has the face and brain of a twin that did not grow its own body in the womb because their mother's egg did not completely split it during pregnancy.
8.One Head Two Lives:
We've already talked about Tatyana and Krysta Hogan conjoined cranial pages twins joined at the top back and sides of their heads. If you think that's unusual just wait until you see these two boys from India who are joined just at the top of their heads. Yup you read that right I mean take a look at the photo and see it for yourself it's unbelievable.  Pay close attention to the way they move now isn't that something and before you ask yes this photo is 100% real.
9.Carmen and Lupita Andrade:
When conjoined twins Carmen Lynne Lapita and raphe were born doctors warned their parents that they would only survive a few days.  But the girls struggled and were able to beat the odds they share a chest wall and are joined from there to their pelvis where their spines meet. Each has two arms but only one leg with Carmen controlling the right leg and Lupita the left one. As you can imagine learning coordination was essential for these two. They also share some ribs a liver their circulatory system as well as digestive and reproductive systems. Attending school is also a challenge because Lapita requires special needs classes while Carmen could be in a standard classroom. The twins also play the piano and drive a car although they have completely different personalities. They say they will never want to be separated and will live life as it comes.
10.Manor Maggot:
Manor Maggot is an Egyptian girl who suffered from a rare condition that occurs when an embryo splits in the womb but does not develop fully into a twin.  Her second head contained eyes and nose in a mouth but was not connected to any internal organs known as cranial pages parasitic asset. The condition is one of the rarest forms of birth defects. Of course, these prevented men are from leading a normal childhood so her parents opted to give her surgery to remove the second head the surgery was successful. But unfortunately, this story has a tragic ending Manor was released from the hospital but soon after was readmitted in very poor condition. She had developed a serious brain infection and died soon afterward which one of these kids has fascinated you the most let us know in the comments below.

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